Jane Elliot is a brilliant teacher. view the introduction here and the entire original 14 min. video here Unfortunately as we all know prejudices are still alive and well. Today there is prejudice about everything when you think about it and not just because of the colour of ones skin. It seems someone is either too rich or too poor; too religious or not religious enough, and everyone affiliated with a political group must be corrupts or everyone against politics are tagged as crack pots. As the video points out we should not judge others by their appearance but If you wear a suit you are a member of an evil establishment or if you sport more leisure cloths you could be viewed as a worthless bum or even worse to some a new-ager.  The list goes on forever. But the simple fact is we are all people. And some of us have our suits next to our hemp cloths and one of them will be worn depending on the occasion. But you will get treated very differently in some circles depending on just what you wear. This video applies to all these intolerances and illustrates how easy it is for us humans to become influenced by trivial things. The prejudiced never view themselves as such, and sincerely believe they are the righteous ones. I am not exempt from this list of prejudices either because putting these ideas down makes me prejudiced against the prejudice.